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Don't @#$% the planet

We believe we should do right by our planet, people, customers, and communities—this is at the heart of our sustainability program, and is an extension of our company values.

As part of this initiative, we’ve also reimagined our approach to our fan-favorite Atlassian apparel and goods. All items sold online or given away as freebies for events will meet our criteria for social, environmental, and ethically-sourced standards.

Defining merchandise sustainability

We pledge to hold ourselves accountable by making conscious decisions that consider people and the environment.

Climate change

We only use high-quality materials that have a low carbon footprint from renewable sources that are built to last.

Consumption and selectiveness

We prioritize finding creative solutions such as donations to nonprofits before offering physical goods at events.

Labor and human rights

Our vendors and partners are carefully selected and vetted to ensure their suppliers provide fair and just labor practices.


Featured Vendor

Robertson Marketing

Robertson Marketing is committed to providing product and service lifecycles that embody responsible attitudes towards the environment, transparency, labor, and diversity.

Their teams visit suppliers’ facilities to learn about their manufacturing and processes, and work with independent testing laboratories to ensure products are safe and made in a socially responsible manner.